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August 15, 2015

A Series of Comments on Mises’s economic science, Murray Rothbard and the Mises Institute, Obamacare, the anarcho-capitalism movement, how to influence government policy, Mises on Karl Popper and epistemology.


My home pages contain three sets of my writings: (1) research in praxeological economics, Ludwig von Mises, and Austrian economics; (2) writings about issues relating to Taiwan; and (3) writings on democracy. My praxeological economics home page also includes extensive quotations from two neglected early 20th-century economists and links to essays about Austrian economists. There are also pages on Ludwig von Mises and Austrian economics. My Taiwan page contains links to other sites with information about Taiwan. My democracy page contains links to great writers in political philosophy, the constitutions of the world, a link to my book manuscript introducing Public Choice called Understanding Democracy, and links to other democracy sites. You are likely t o find other things that I have not mentioned. So please look around and enjoy.

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