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Chapter 1: The Field of Public Choice

Chapter 2: Market or Government?

Chapter 3: Private Property Rights, Public Goods, and Market Failure

Chapter 4: Politicians and the Constitution

Chapter 5: Constitutional Protection Against External Costs and Costs of Power Abuse

Chapter 6: Methods of Electing Legislators

Chapter 7: Voting and Elections: Some Simple Ideas

Chapter 8: More on Voting and Elections

Chapter 9: Inefficiency of Majority Rule

Chapter 10: Vote Trading and Efficiency

Chapter 11: Legislators and Legislation

Chapter 12: Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Chapter 13: Democracy and Bureaucracy: Some History

Chapter 14: Inefficiency of Bureaucracy

Chapter 15: Improvements and Reforms

Chapter 16: Rent Seeking

Chapter 17: Privatization by Liquidating a Bureau

Chapter 18: Other Forms of Privatization